Serves 4-6


10 onions

2 litre chicken stock

100ml of white wine

2 tbsp. of plain flour

1 garlic clove

8 spring of thyme


Grated Emmental (the more the better)

salt and pepper



Slice the onions and sweat them in veg oil, they need to get a very dark colour and this can take a while, make sure to stir often.

When they catch at the bottom of the pan just pull the pan from the fire and let the moist of the onions unstick the caramelisation.

Repeat this operation until you get a very dark colour.

Add chopped garlic and picked and chopped thyme half way though so they start cooking without burning.

Sprinkle the 2 spoon of flour and cook for a minute or so.

Add the wine, then the stock and season

Allow to simmer for about 8 hours making sure that the onions are not sticking to the bottom

This soup is always better the next day but still delicious right after making.

To serve, cover the top of the soup with croutons and then grated cheese

Place the bowl in the oven or under grill until the cheese bubbles and browns

Be careful when eating as the sides of the bowl will be extremely hot