WHEN: 03-07-2017 TO 16-07-2017

We will be screening the key Wimbledon Championship matches from 3rd July- 16th July  in our Bar & Grill Terrace. You can also treat yourself and friends to our delicious cocktails inspired by the wonderful game of tennis, and pair with our scrumptious bar snacks.

Our themed Wimbledon cocktails will be available to enjoy for both lunch and dinner at £12.50 each.

Wimbledon cocktails:

Murray’s Comfort

30 ml Southern Comfort

20ml JD Honey

10ml Hibiscus Syrup

10ml Honey water

20ml Lemon Juice

Wimbledon sharp

30ml Vanilla infused Vodka

20ml Chartreause Yellow

20ml Lime Juice

10ml Vanilla Syrup

3 drops of Peychaud Bitters

1 Egg White

For more information please email or call our team on 020 7715 7100.