WHEN: 18-09-2015 TO 30-10-2015

Enjoy the World Cups top contenders in the form of these glorious cocktails, priced at £11, whilst watching kick-off on our big screens on the Bar Terrace. We’ve provided the ingredients and method as well, so if you’re watching the game at home you can rustle up these beauties whilst you sing Swing Low!

England: 50ml Gin, 30ml double cream, 20ml sugar, 2 dashes of Orangebitter, 1 bar spoon Rosewater, 20ml limejuice, 5ml lemonjuice, egg white, topped with Soda Water

-shake all ingredients and add to the soda water in a frosted highball glass
– garnish with rose petals

New Zealand: 50ml Bulleit bourbon, 10ml lime juice, 10ml Agave sec, 15 ml Yellow Chartreuse, 10ml sugar, 1/8 apple

-shake then strain into a tiki mug
-garnish with thyme, dried apple, a sprig of rosemary and two lavender blossoms
– create an ice nest on top with chopped apple and kiwi with caramelized sugar

Australia: 50ml Vodka, 25ml Basil syrup, 10ml limejuce, 10ml kings ginger

-shake then strain in a crystal cognac glass
-create the foam on top with 1 egg white, 35ml lemonjuice, 5 ml sugar and 10ml Cointreau
-after shaking, fine strain into a tin then layer in the crystal cognac glass.
-garnish with an edible flower and an orange twist around the handle