WHEN: 03-10-2016 TO 30-11-2016

This autumn, we bring you a new collection of cocktails in collaboration with Penhaligon’s Canary Wharf store, to celebrate the recent release of Penhaligon’s Portraits Collection.

Inspired by the British aristocracy of the Victorian period, the Penhaligon’s Portraits Collection is a tribute to the English spirit; between establishment, humour and provocation. The fragrances include, The Tragedy of Lord George; The Revenge of Lady Blanche; Much Ado About The Duke; and The Coveted Duchess Rose, with the distinct personality of each character reflected in the qualities of the scent.

The cocktails have been inspired by each of these perfumes, combining the worlds of scent and flavour to create a cocktail collection that mirrors these characters of the British aristocracy.

The Tragedy of Lord George is described as masculine and elegant, with a woody, ambery fougere and notes of brandy, shaving soap, and tonka bean. This distinctive character is reflected in the Lord George cocktail, combining Atlantico Rum, Chilli Truffle Tea, and Lapponica Lingonberry Liqueur. Meanwhile, the desirous and seductive character of The Coveted Duchess Rose has a delicate and woody scent, with notes of mandarin, rose, and musky wood that are reflected in the Duchess Rose cocktail with Ketel One Vodka, La Diabada Pisco, Rose Syrup, and Peychaud Bitters.

Priced at £12, the four new cocktails will be available at the Bar from 3rd October to 30th November. Each will be served with a sample of the fragrance in addition to the cocktail.