WHEN: 18-09-2015 TO 26-09-2015

Inspired by black and white fashion photography we have created two fashion week inspired cocktails called yin and yang. Our black and white fashion cocktails will be available from  18th September (beginning of London Fashion Week) to 26th September Autumn Fashion Weekend celebration in Canary Wharf.

Yin, £8.50
15ml sugar, 25ml lemon, 20 double cream, 20ml orange fine champagne liquor, 40ml vodka shaken/fine strain served in coupet with peychaud bitter on top and orange peel on the handle.

Yang, £8.50
20ml port six grapes, 10ml p.x. sherry, 50ml pampero annirversario, 2 ds Angostura. Stirred up and served in martini glass.