WHEN: 13-07-2015

On 13th July at 6.30pm we will be hosting a wine tasting for a very unique type of Champagne for £30 per person.

Champagne Sanger’s origin is what makes it individual. It was born in a very peculiar environment in which the know-how of Champagne making has been passed on and shared between professionals, teachers, and students, within Avize winemaking high-school. So, since 1952, the students of Avize Viti Campus have been producing Champagne Sanger with their cellar master.

We will try a range of five different cuvées with perfectly paired canapés created by our talented kitchen.

Générosité Noire
Brimming with yellow fruit and stewed fruit aromas, Générosité Noire is a hearty cuvee, generously coating the mouth. It mirrors the bounty of the Champagne land, planted with 70% of black grapes. Voluptuously full-bodied thanks to Pinot Noir and Meunier grapes, this champagne will harmoniously match all types of meals.

Terroir Natal
Avize, one of the 17 villages classified “Grand Cru”, is the homeland of Champagne SANGER, where Chardonnay blooms under multiple exposures on the Côte des Blancs. This Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru mirrors this chalky mother-earth, and the manifold flavours of the white grape. It’s the perfect Champagne for aperitive, its lively and briny flavours will match simple genuine food.

Tango Paradoxe
Crisp and sharp Chardonnay confronts here full-bodied and round Pinot Noir. The confluence of these worlds recalls the Tango, whose paradox is the unique union of a brisk and precise pace with an intense grace. From these two grapes stems a daring rosé: tasting reveals a swirl of red fruit amidst the elegance of white grapes. To arouse this perfect duality, selection and vinification are thorough. Burgundy and Champenois techniques combine to create a rosé for cocktails, or for innovative, sweet-and-sour or asian cuisine.

Triangle Minéral 2008
The spirit of Champagne vineyards is minerality ; it appears here in a unique selection : a single type of grape, a single year, and a single plot. A mineral triangle, stemming from Avize school vineyards. This vintage is an exceptional and original expression of a mature Chardonnay. It expresses subtly through hints of candied lemon, sugared almonds, toasted hazelnuts.

Louise Eugenie
Louise Eugénie Puisard was the generous donor allowing the creation of the school. She was particularly fond of vinification in wooden casks. Therefore, in her honor, this cuvee bears her name. it is composed of 60% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Noir, and 20% Pinot Meunier, vinified in wooden casks. Fresh, but with a strong personality, it reveals springlike aromas, between power and delicacy, complexity and sensitivity, sensuality and gentleness… its structure will ideally match fish and poultry.

For more information or to book please contact 0207 715 7100 or email plateaureservations@danddlondon.com